UPU as an Opportunity

"I am a firm believer in the UPU and I know that
Organisation can do better for its members"

UPU comme opportunité

»Je suis un fervent partisan de l'UPU et je sais que cette
Organisation peut faire mieux pour ses membres.«


UPU as an opportunity to:

To ensure that the UPU continues to serve its purpose in the most efficient way,
while introducing much needed adjustments to help postal operators and regulators
around the world rise up to the challenges of the changing postal environment
generated by technological and economic developments.

UPU management policy

UPU human resources policy

UPU operational policy

By improving financial stability of the organisation through a UPU administration

By promoting transparency and accountability through strengthened oversight
mechanisms and improved governance

By business-oriented human resources strategy, focusing on experienced postal
experts, while paying due attention to gender equality and geographical balance

By enhancing the dialogue between governments, regulators, postal operators,
customers and other key postal industry stakeholders through an integrated
approach to the future role of the UPU

By decentralising some of the Organisation’s functions

By strengthening the UPU’s existing role in setting fair common standards for
free circulation of postal items through increased cooperation, technical support
and consulting


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