Ljubljana, 20 February 2020


As a candidate for the position of Deputy Director General of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union for the period 2021–2024, I would like to present my vision of the future UPU.

As an experienced executive, having successfully managed the international postal operations of the Post of Slovenia for more than 24 years, I see the UPU as an organization promoting inclusive and integrated global postal services and enabling its members to seize the opportunities of today’s rapidly changing postal landscape. My vision of the UPU is that of an innovative and cost-efficient organisation that assists all its members in adapting to the world of advanced information and communication technologies.

As an outside candidate, well acquainted with issues facing modern postal operators, I could bring a critical and objective eye to the UPU restructuring process.

My work would build on the following principles:

  • Accountability for the actions taken,
  • Transparency of operations, and
  • Inclusion, i.e. engaging all responsible private and public owners in dialogue and enhancing dialogue between governments, regulators, postal operators, customers and other key postal industry stakeholders.

As a firm believer in the UPU, I am convinced that the organisation can improve for the benefit of its members. It needs to adjust in order to help postal operators and regulators around the world meet the challenges of the changing postal environment marked by technological and economic developments. To achieve this, the financial stability of the organisation will need to be secured and clear common standards established, allowing free circulation of postal items through increased cooperation. Furthermore, technical support and consulting will have to be strengthened and the development gap between postal operators in industrialized markets and those in emerging markets narrowed.

If elected, I would be honoured to serve as Deputy Director General of the International Bureau of the UPU, based on the presented core vision, and work hand in hand with the future new Director General.

Marjan Osvald


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